Pesquisa CNPJ – Terms and Conditions


 These terms and conditions govern all use of this application called Clicksign Integration. Our Services are offered and subject to your acceptance, so please read this Agreement carefully before accessing or using our Services.

Clicksign Integration is an application integrating the Clicksign electronic signature platform with Bitirix24, i.e. you will be responsible for interfacing the first platform within the second.

Further information can be found in our Terms of Use.

Finally, the data we store, only for control and advertising purposes are: Name, Email, CPF, ZIP code and Telephone.

Now that you know how the platform works, we ask you to read carefully the following clauses for your best experience within the application and to understand all the relationships between Clicksign Integration and You.


1.1 This Term of Use is a contract between you (“You”; “User”) and the Clicksign Integration connector managed by BR GESTÃO E SISTEMA LTDA, a company headquartered in the City of Florianópolis, State of Santa Catarina, located at Avenida Rio Branco, n. 476, sala 1402, Bairro Centro, CEP 88.015-204, registered with the CNPJ under n. 21.373.989/0001-59.

1.2 Clicksign Integration is an application that performs the Clicksign platform interface within the Bitrix24 CRM, allowing Users to use the electronic signature services within the management platform.

1.3 The terms set forth in this Privacy Policy refer exclusively to the activities provided by the Clicksign Integration application, while for the use of e-signature services, it is necessary to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Clicksign company.



2.1 By accepting this Privacy Policy or accessing the URLs provided by Clicksign Integration, You acknowledge that You have read, understood and agree to the Privacy Policy, under penalty of having the application suspended or terminated. 


3.1 Clicksign Integration collects the following data: Name, Email, CPF, ZIP code and Phone, for the purposes of maintaining the User account and advertising campaigns, so that only the CEO, Product Manager and Marketing Manager of Clicksign Integration will have access to data collected by this platform.

3.2 Users may, at any time, contact Clicksign Integration support at [email protected] However, in case of deletion of data or other personal data information, the Clicksign platform should be contacted.

3.3 For the protection of Users, the data used by the Clicksign Integration application are stored on AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers.


4.1 Clicksign Integration is exclusively linked to the Clicksign platform and Bitrix24 CRM.

  1.   COOKIES

5.1 Clicksign integration does not use cookies.


6.1 Users may request the removal of their accounts at any time, provided that the Terms of Use and current legislation are respected.

6.2 The contact channel between customers and Clicksign Integration will be the e-mail [email protected] The e-mails must be answered in a maximum of 5 (five) working days.

6.3 The information provided by the User (Name, Email, CPF, zip code and phone) will be stored by Clicksign Integration for support and promotion of activities of the controller, but may be deleted at any time, just a request sent to the email indicated in the previous item and compliance with all contractual and legal obligations.


7.1 Clicksign Integration always seeks to improve your platform and the services offered, so that, eventually, this Policy, as well as the other Software Terms, may need to be updated or changed unilaterally by Clicksign Integration. Such changes/updates will always be communicated to all users, who will always be guaranteed the option to delete the account, at any time, if you disagree with the new terms and policies.

7.2 Any changes to this Policy will come into force after 01 (one) day of sending by e-mail to the User or making the communication available via platform or website. These changes will become effective immediately for new users of our service. Your continued use of our service, following notification of such changes, will indicate your acknowledgement and agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of the same.


8.1 The User expressly waives any other forum, no matter how privileged it may be, electing parties to the Forum of the District of Florianopolis / SC as the only competent to resolve any pending issues and/or doubts arising from this instrument.


9.1 The judicial requests for registrations and information will be processed in accordance with Law 12,965/2014 and Law 13,709/2018.


10.1 All Clicksign Integration terms and policies become effective from the moment the user registers on the platform and adheres to them.

10.2 Its validity will be for an indefinite period of time, being in force for the duration of the legal relationship between the parties and the duties arising therefrom.